SINGLE REVIEW: Noah Cyrus – I’m Stuck


While “Stay Together” is still receiving decent airplay and we are patiently waiting for an album announcement Noah Cyrus has decided to release a song to tie you over in the meantime. “I’m Stuck” is an experimental country meets pop meets dance track that is so wrong that it has the potential to be so right. The production automatically takes me back to my childhood with the sound of Steps ‘5,6,7,8” echoing in my ear. However instead of being so lame that it’s cool the song just hovers around in the annoying category. It’s catchy by default but not catchy enough that you will hit play deliberately. Lyrically this is a cliche song about falling in love with someone you see spending the rest of your life with and has some small town references that really enhance the country experimentation. It has the potential to go viral but not for the reasons she wants it to. Her first two singles were so strong that I’m hoping the rest of “NC-17” will carry forward this sound and forget whatever “I’m Stuck” was trying to implement.

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