EP REVIEW: Jessie Reyez – Kiddo


Before I pushed play on this EP I had no idea who Jessie Reyez was but by the end of it I was a certified fan. This Canadian rapper doesn’t hold back on her debut release which sees her experimenting with sounds, offering pure vulnerability as well as sassy surefire raps. “Kiddo” is a 7 track collection of bold brilliance that you won’t want to end and will have you holding out for a full length LP. Opening with the fiery “Fuck It” she spits about an ex who cheated on her and the emotional aftermath of coping with those cold truths. The production is basic and allows her raps and vocal techniques to truly shine with the vivid imagery of the lyrics taking over. It’s a dark track which perfectly transitions into “Shutter Island” which quickly became one of my favourites. She claims that her ex lover left her because she was too crazy but thats just made her crazier and its a kooky storyline which just explodes. “My straight jackets custom-made though (with fucking diamonds)” . Then comes in the attitude that you’re going to fall in love with on “Blue Ribbon”. The song looks at being yourself and not caring what anyone says. It then furthers in her relationships with people and how people want to use you for one and not letting them walk all over you. It’s a fun banger which just shows you her personality and will be the turn up track you needed. The only negative thing about it is that it’s too short. “Figures” is where she bares it all and shows pure vulnerability. This song is her soul moment and sees her stripping back to just a guitar strum and her soaring vocals. It’s basic but beautiful and will be the track that commands your attention the most because it’s so evolving compared to everything else on this collection. You can feel and hear the heartbreak in her vocal delivery. “I wish I could hurt you back. Love, what would you do if you couldn’t get me back. You’re the one who’s gonna lose something so special, something so real”. She follows it up with one of the darkest and most important tracks on this EP. “Gatekeeper” looks at the cost of fame, what people expect from you and how its a common misconception that a starving artist is happy to sleep their way to the top. It’s an empowering track because she sings about how she won’t take that route and how wrong this sexualisation is. “Colombian King & Queen” serves as an interlude to the final track but honestly its a bit forgettable and could have been removed (sorry bout it). however “Great One” perfectly closes this EP with a powerful pop meet RNB track that looks at her chasing her dreams and wanting to make her mark on this world. It perfectly sums up all the emotions and topics that she covers and will have you truly needing more music ASAP. Jessie Reyez is the real deal and this EP proves that. I was impressed and so will you.

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