SINGLE REVIEW: Mike Perry feat. The Vamps & Sabrina Carpenter – Hands


Oh what a surprise; a new EDM song from The Vamps that sounds exactly like the previous couple of forgettable tracks they’ve released. Okay, in fairness I will admit that “All Night” was a catchy tune that has recently gained momentum but it’s still annoying as fuck. However “Hands” is just a mess and I’m not afraid to say it. I genuinely thought Sabrina Carpenter may save it because her voice is insane and her debut album was impressive but her vocal feature was so brief that you forget she was even on it. The Vamps have been doing this vocal structure where they all sing at once during the chorus and I don’t know how many songs they have to do this until they realise that it’s boring and predictable. The whole time I listened to this song I was thinking about “All Night” and “Middle Of The Night” because they all sound so similar that surely I can’t be the only person making this comparison. Anyways, just another snore worthy track from The Vamps, nothing new here.


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