SINGLE REVIEW: Hana Rose – The Wave

Hana Rosay

Sometimes all you need is an injection of euphoric pop-RNB in your life to get you through the week and independent Melbourne artist Hana Rose delivers you just that. “The Wave” is an infectious pop track that serves as her official second single and is a big departure from the slow burning RNB track “Sex For Breakfast” that she debuted. This song allows her to showcase a more playful side to her vocal delivery and sees her citing influences from the likes of circa 2011 Rihanna. The production transports you to an island where you’re dancing on the beach with your friends with this tropical pop/RNB sound that has been filtering through the mainstream charts recently. As soon as the chorus drops you will be whipping out all your favourite dance moves before getting a bit more seductive during the post chorus. She really succeeds in bringing a much needed fun vibe to music that shows a great diversity from her first sexually driven RNB mid-tempo ballad. She has a lot of potential and has already shown so much growth and artist development within two singles. “The Wave” has all the elements to be a summer anthem and really should be an addition to your summer playlists and beach escapes.


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