SINGLE REVIEW: Alma – Chasing Highs


So apparently Finland has been hiding a genuine pop-star from the world for the past couple of years and she’s finally getting that mainstream attention she deserves. Alma was a contestant on Finish Idol in 2013 where she placed 5th and has since released a EP and been continually working on music. The first single from her forthcoming debut album is here and it is a BOP. “Chasing Highs” is a pop meets dance track that intrigues with her dominating and soulful vocals and explodes with a euphoric hook. It looks at the moment when you meet someone where it just feels right and you didn’t realise that this was the moment you were searching for.  “And I better know what to do, who’s gonna be the first one to move? I wanna get closer to you. I was chasing highs ’till I found you”. While dance-pop tracks are currently over-saturating our pop market this song actually stands out over all the manufactured tracks from the likes of The Chainsmokers. It’s ridiculously catchy, insanely good and a summer anthem you need in your life. Get amongst it.