SINGLE REVIEW: Plain White T’s – Land Of The Living

Yes, the Plain White T’s still exist. In fact, you are probably unaware that they actually release a new album in 2015. It had a killer lead single called “Pause” which truly deserved some real chart and radio traction. However since releasing that record they have signed a deal with their original record label who released their first three albums and they are back with a new single from their forthcoming eighth studio album.

‘Land Of The Living’ sees the band drifting towards a more wholesome rock sound, similar to the sound that Dreamcar are currently perfecting. There’s no real “pop influence” in this track which if you were hoping for a “Hey The Delilah 2.0” then you are going to be disappointed.

There’s a real maturity in this track from Tom Higgenson’s raw vocals to the questioning and reflective lyrics; “They won’t leave you behind but that isn’t to say that it’s not on their minds. Maybe it would be wise for you to be in the room next time to join the land of the living”.

If they were still writing angsty pop-punk-rock sort of songs then I would be worried. I am glad they are adapting and evolving as artists and experimenting with slightly different sounds. This is a very promising beginning.

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