SINGLE REVIEW: Paramore – Told You So


Paramore are pushing boundaries with their forthcoming fifth studio album and are heading towards a heavier synth-pop directed route instead of their signature bratty pop-rock sound. They’ve already caused a divide within their fanbase to whether this sound direction is a great decision or not and I have to admit that even I’m unsure. They’ve just released their second single “Told You So” in the lead up to the albums release next week and it’s different, but catchy. If this was any other band I would love this track and be instantly obsessed but because it’s Paramore I’m a bit more hesitant and cynical. It’s just as if we are witnessing a Hayley Williams solo project being birthed because the roots of Paramore don’t really seem to be intact. But because I’m going to be a good reviewer and be open minded lets pretend that I haven’t heard their discography and I was just discovering them. The groovy verses are driven by a captivating baseline that allows Williams vocal delivery to be playful and show a different versatility. However the songs downfall is that the verses are more memorable than the chorus with it feeling a bit anti-climatic. It’s one of those songs which will grow on you with each listen. It wont become your favourite song but you will still bop along to it.


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