SINGLE REVIEW: Katy Perry  – Bon Appetit


Katy Perry has had a rough climb back to the top of the charts since returning to the scene. “Chained To The Rhythm” was a brilliant pop track that only went as high as number 4 on the charts and her follow up single may not even do that well. “Bon Appetit” is a playful pop meets RNB track that focuses on its EDM influences to stay relevant amongst its current pop competitors. Sadly the song isn’t as immediately catchy or likeable as her previous tracks and falls into the mediocre category which will be quickly forgotten. However if you do give it a couple of listens it does eventually grow on you. The lyrics are playful, seductive and show that cheeky Katy Perry attitude that we love. “Cause I’m all that you want boy, all that you can have boy. Got me spread like a buffet, Bon appétit baby”. The rap section in the third verse is irrelevant and could’ve been replaced with more quirky lyrics which would’ve been slightly more enticing. But sadly overall this track is incredibly underwhelming and leaves you wanting old Katy Perry back in your life.


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