SINGLE REVIEW: The Vamps – Middle Of The Night


So apparently The Vamps are no longer a band and instead they are an EDM one piece project? Well that is what it feels like anyways. Their last single with Matoma was a MESS and the fact that it even did mediocrely okay makes me worried. Teaming up with Martin Jensen for their new single they offer yet another EDM experimentation. “Middle Of The Night” is a decent dance track but it literally could be billed as Martin Jensen feat. Brad Simpson and I wouldn’t know any difference. I can’t hear The Vamps at all in this sound. I know they are trying something new but they’ve completely lost their roots and there is no evidence that a band even exists sonically amongst all the synths and beat breakdowns. It’s a strange musical shift for a band who seemed to have found their sound very early on and had such creative control. Now they just sound like every Chainsmokers try hard attempting to get radio play. Disappointing really.