SINGLE REVIEW: One Republic – No Vacancy


It’s sad to admit but One Republic’s latest album “Oh My My” was an utter disappointment. It’s the truth and not even the power of their previous album “Native” could save it. So is it really a surprise that 6 months later they already have a new single? Luckily for them “No Vacancy” is a LOT better than their previous releases and sees them being a bit more experimental other than just releasing the same monotonous cheesy material that every song on “Oh My My” seemed to be except for “Wherever I Go”. The track starts with the same tropical beat that every recent Sia song seems to sample but launches into this vibrant and funky pop explosion. Ryan Tedder’s falsetto is smooth and gives the song the extra texture it needed. The chorus is super catchy and will have you vibing along to the tropical and Spanish elements. Lyrically he looks at falling in love with someone and no longer feeling the emptiness that he did before. “Used to be that I felt so damn empty. Ever since I met you, no vacancy”. I’m not going to lie and say it’s their best song and that it’s a HIT because it’s not. BUT, it is a very good track that deserves to be added to your playlists and appreciated as it is a lot better than the messes they released last year.

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