SINGLE REVIEW: Kygo feat. Ellie Goulding – First Time


Any new Ellie Goulding song is always going to excite me so it’s no surprise that this new collaboration with Kygo is no different. “First Time” is a mid tempo tropical house track that impresses with her captivating vocals and reflective and cute lyrics that look at the beginning of young love. “We were high and we were sober. We were under, we were over. We were young and now i’m older, but I’d do it all again”. For a dance track the production is minimalistic and doesn’t focus on a big hook breakdown to be memorable which stands out compared to all the Chainsmokers inspired tracks on the charts currently. The bridge is probably my favourite production change in the song even though she sings about buying a “snapback” which makes me cringe. It’s a catchy and nostalgic track that will grow on you with each listen and have you wanting to push replay instantaneously.