SINGLE REVIEW: Sigrid – Plot Twist


”Don’t Kill My Vibe” remains as the strongest contender for debut of the year and that’s a really exciting thing. Norwegian songstress Sigrid has already captivated the pop world with her unique vocals, brutally honest lyrics and catchy hooks. But we want more and she’s finally giving us the next taste of what we can expect from her debut EP. “Plot Twist” is a catchy track that sees her slightly recreating that rhythmic pop sound that her first single cemented. Personally I would’ve liked to have heard something completely different to see some diversity but you don’t always get what you want. The clapping beat in the chorus is very similar to “Don’t Kill My Vibe” but then there is a slight breakdown that deters that sound. I love the vocal production with her yelling “shots fired” over the bridge giving it a cool DIY feel. The track looks at finally getting over someone after a break up and let be honest, its just super relatable. “Plot twist, moved on and now you want me but you’re playing games like a wannabe. Tough luck, you’re kidding yourself”. It’s a ridiculously catchy track that as a stand alone track is epic. However as a follow up to a KILLER debut which sounds similar I cant help but feel a bit underwhelmed.


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