SINGLE REVIEW: MO – Nights With You


I’m loving the constant feed of emotional and euphoric bangers that MO keeps randomly dropping for our entertainment. The Danish songstress has just released her fourth single from her forthcoming second studio album that I’m becoming very impatient to hear. “Nights With You” pays homage to her best friend, her ultimate ride or die. She confesses that she just wants to spend the night with her, getting up to no good and making memories. I’ll take you out tonight. Throw away your phone, don’t care about your boyfriend waking up alone”. It’s a carefree and euphoric song that has you wanting to roll down your windows while driving through the city or down a coast blasting this with your best friend. Produced by SOPHIE and Cashmere Cat it comes by no surprise that this song is a total banger and that the beats are not only heavy but are perfected and still subtle enough to be classed as pop. It will grow on you with each listen and have you as eager as I am to hear MO’s entire next album.


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