SINGLE REVIEW: Lana Del Rey feat. The Weeknd – Lust For Life


You are probably well aware by now that Lana Del Rey has a new album coming out later this year and you have probably already blasted lead single “LOVE” to the point where you need a new song. Well you are in luck. The songstress has just released title track “Lust For Life” from the forthcoming record and surprise its an emotional one. Oh, and surprise it features The Weeknd. Double whammy. This melodic pop track sees Lana returning to the sound that her debut album perfected and is actually a track that radio may even consider playing. Lyrically it looks at their will to live and who and what drives their ambition to love. “They say only the good die young, that just ain’t right. Cause we’re having too much fun, too much fun tonight’. It’s a beautiful track that is minimalistic in production and just sees the two vocalists harmonising with the orchestral pop delivery. It’s a track that grows on you with each listen and breaks your heart at the same time.


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