SINGLE REVIEW: Dua Lipa feat. Miguel – Lost In Your Light

dua lipa

The wait for Dua Lipa’s debut album is becoming a bit ridiculous. I mean, she has just released her sixth single and at this stage we would’ve heard the whole album by the time she finally releases it.  “Lost In Your Light” is the only collaboration on the record and sees her teaming forces with Miguel to give us some smooth harmonies. This mid-tempo RNB influenced synth track gives you groovy vibes with some pure emotion. But whilst this song has passion it just doesn’t scream hit like her previous singles. It falls into forgettable territory and with multiple strong pop tracks currently in the charts I’m unsure if she will even make a proper dent. The song looks at being infatuated with someone and not caring about what anyone else thinks. “Lost in your light, baby. I wanna stay right here all night, baby”. It’s a pretty track that is sadly a bit basic but I’m not saying it’s not enjoyable, I’m just saying it’s a bit forgettable.


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