SINGLE REVIEW: Paramore – Hard Times


It’s been 4 years since Paramore have graced us with new music and I think it’s safe to safe to say we were missing the energetic pop/rock they injected into our lives. Well the wait is over as the band have announced their forthcoming fifth studio album “After Laughter” which is out May 12 and yes, that is only three weeks away *cues screams*! However the first single is not exactly what you are expecting. “Hard Times” is a 80’s nostalgic pop/rock track that channels a bit of Blondie meets the Madness “Our House”. By itself this quirky tune is a BANGER and so ridiculously catchy that it will be stuck in your head for hours. But as a Paramore song I feel underwhelmed and disappointed. I want angst from the first single and I want classic feel good Paramore and they offer that feel good greatness but it’s a bit too pop for my liking. They lyrics are have a relatable theme with picking yourself up during hard times and while they may be simple they are very relatable. But lets not get too negative because it is a killer song and I am going to blast it on high volume for the next few weeks. Well, until the new album comes out anyway because lets hope theres a bit more classic Paramore on there.


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