There are many problems with this Will.I.Am single. First of all; where did it come from? If there was any warning/promotion about it then I didn’t hear boo. Secondly; don’t even get me started on the spelling of fire… like really “FIYAH”. And then we get to the actual song and the verses are drowned in a long synth that sounds like the opening of “Boom Boom Pow”. The lyrics just don’t make any sense and go back and forth with nonsense about waking up, turning up and killing it. How inspiring. The chorus then launches into what sounds like a Pharrell Williams tribute with its slick production and funky bass. But it comes out of nowhere that it sounds like its just been cut and pasted. The sad thing is that Will.I.Am is a very intellectual man and is someone who I have a lot of respect for with his impressive discography of production, songwriting and rapping efforts. But this song is a giant mess and is more forgettable than his last studio album. As a key innovator he really should’ve used this comeback to release an empowering message or maybe return to his MC roots and leave this EDM mess behind.


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