SINGLE REVIEW: Noah Cyrus – Stay Together


FACT: Noah Cyrus is one of the most exciting newcomers in the music industry.
FACT: Her debut single “Make Me (Cry)” was an emotional breakthrough that should be applauded for it’s experimental production and brutally honest lyrics.
FACT: She’s done it again with follow up single and absolute banger “Stay Together”.
This time the 17 year old songstress has released a relatable coming of age anthem that looks at embracing the carpe diem spirit. The track starts off with an MC influenced vocal delivery which surprisingly really suits her and offers a bad ass vibe. She then launches into a big chorus where she croons “Nothing lasts forever but wouldn’t it be nice to stay together for the night? We can do whatever as long as we’re together then we’re gonna be alright”. The chorus is super catchy and will have you immediately singing along and repeating back the important “oh oh oh’s”. There was a lot of pressure on Noah to release an equally impressive song and I’m glad she’s showed diversity and showed a different sort of emotion to heart break. And honestly, “Stay Together” could be the 2017 Summer Anthem.


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