ALBUM REVIEW: The Chainsmokers – Memories… Do Not Open


A long overdue debut album from one of music’s most predictable newcomers. A simple sentence that already exclaims so many of my feelings surrounding this release. The Chainsmokers don’t surprise much with “Memories… Do Not Open” and just give a collection of tracks that you feel like you’ve already heard. Album opener “The One” is a dance ballad that is generic in production but a nice intimate moment that perfectly launches into a same-same tracklisting. “Bloodstream”, “Don’t Say”, “My Type” and “Honest” sound like they all could morph with “Something Just Like This” and you would genuinely not notice any difference. Their production and structure is too similar. “Break Up Every Night” is one of the strongest tracks because it offers a different dance sound that can only be described as 3OH!3 and 5SOS’ love child. And thats apparently a good thing. Lead single “Paris” is still a bop and is joined by “It Won’t Kill Ya” and “Young” as songs you should actually listen to. Otherwise this album is just like them, lacklustre at best with a lot of monotonous whinging.

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