ALBUM REVIEW: K.FLAY – Every Where Is Some Where


K.FLAY is one of the most underrated artists of right now. She can’t be defined by one genre, her music is fluid and she’s experimented with almost every sound and completely owns it. Her sophomore studio album “Every Where Is Some Where” is a grungy and raw collection of alternative rock-pop songs that are influenced by hip hop, blues and even electronica. The one constant variable of K.FLAY’s music is her brutally honest and real lyrics. She has never held back and I would never want her to. On this album she goes from heartbreak “I should have known, don’t trust a poet ’cause they prefer to bleed” to angst “The boy I love’s got another girl, he’s probably fucking her right now” to trying to see the positive in even the hardest times “the darkest nights mean you see the stars the most”. She covers it all and indulges her MC roots on one of the album highlights “Champagne” where she candidly opens up about her relationship with her family and her mental state in a short but pure fire track. She gives you more beat driven MC tracks like album opener “Dreamers” and the fan favourite album closer “Slow March” which are lyrically reflective and perfectly sum up the albums emotions. But the majority of the album is made up of gritty and dark tracks like “Blood In The Cut”, “Black Wave”, “The President Has A Sex Tape” and “It’s Just A Lot” which offer a more rock experimental sound. But its “Giver” and “High Enough” that provide two of the strongest moments on the album from the way they are produced so honestly and raw to their catchy hooks and their relatable lyrics. However she does offer some more mellow moments on the album with “Mean It”, Hollywood Forever” and the emotionally crippling track “You Felt Right” which is one of my favourite tracks on this release.

This album is a rollercoaster of emotions and shows a lot of growth from K.FLAY as an artist. From the way her vocal delivery is so adaptive of the sound and emotions she captures to the brutal honesty of the lyrics. And all while still being able to write a kick ass hook that will get stuck in your head straight away. This is an impressive collection of tracks that I can’t fault one bit. You can’t deny the true talent of this Californian MC and I promise as soon as you hear this record you will understand why she is one of my favourite artists.


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