SINGLE REVIEW: Harry Styles – Sign Of The Times


You can’t deny that Harry Styles is one of the biggest names in not just music but also in the celebrity and social media world. After One Direction went their seperate ways Styles’ has layed lowed from the spotlight while experiencing life, filming his acting debut in “Dunkirk” and working on his solo debut album. But now it’s time to hear the first taste of his solo project and it’s a bold sound that doesn’t sound like anything else on current radio. “Sign Of The Times” transports you the era when David Bowie and John Lennon were at their peaks with a melodramatic sound that has him taking you on an emotional rollercoaster. With a somber beginning where his vocals are only accompanied by a beautiful piano and an echo effect you are already convinced that this is going to be very different track compared to his fellow ex-bandmates solo material. The song explodes in the chorus to this 80’s mellow pop-rock sound that leads into the next verse accompanied with a drum beat and “Major Tom” inspired synths. His falsetto in the bridge and chorus is flawless and offers a great shading to his normal husky croon. At 5 mins and 40 seconds long the song is lengthy and radio by now have probably shortened it to a 3min edit but thats not the way this song is meant to be heard. It tells a story of heartbreak and dealing with the emotions of reality setting in during time of grief and hardships and with the way the strong is structured you do need to hear the entirety. It’s a song that grows on you with each listen and while it may not be automatically “a hit” or a “banger” compared to radio’s current tracks, it is a powerful song that will conquer with its intimate and raw emotion. It’s undoubtedly the most anticipated debut of the year by one of the biggest names and it doesn’t disappoint. It impresses and proves that he is the real deal and will win over a whole new fanbase for him.