EP REVIEW: Chase Atlantic – Part 2


Chase Atlantic may just be one of Australia’s hottest exports and they are ready to remind you why with the release of their EP “Part 2” from their forthcoming debut album. Delivering three dark, electric and bold tracks this now LA based trio seem to have perfected the moody synth sound they embarked on conquering. Opening with “Triggered” emerging from dark synths and a lion roar lead vocalist Mitchell Cave croons through the first verse before launching into a big chorus. This is probably the strongest track in the collection so the rest of the EP struggles to match. “Cassie” is a bit of a banger and definitely the more pop inclined track in the collection and will be a fan favorite with it’s lyrics. “Why Stop Now” closes the EP with another moody track, a bit forgettable but still alright. These tracks continue the sound that “Part 1” cemented citing influences from The Weeknd and The 1975 with the complex and moody synth production. None of them scream “chart hit” but I don’t think they are really trying to create a mainstream smash. They are just making decent music and they are succeeding at doing so. However with these EP releases I think its just time that we receive their debut album because I feel like by the time it drops we would have already heard all the songs and we don’t want another “Years And Years” lackluster album launch. But otherwise their record is sounding quite good so far.


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