SINGLE REVIEW: Halsey – Now Or Never


Halsey’s sophomore studio album “Hopeless Fountain Kingdom” is one of the most anticipated releases of the year and for good reason. Her debut record “Badlands” was an impressive collection of alternative pop tracks that grew on you with each listen and soothed with relatable lyrics. “Now Or Never” is the lead single from the new record and introduces a bolder sound that cites influence from Rihanna (“Anti” era). Lyrically this track looks at a star crossed lovers storyline in a basic approach that the music video further explores. There is a lot of repetition used which makes the chorus get stuck in your head a lot easier than her previous tracks. It’s made for mainstream consumption and that’s not a bad thing. Her vocals are seductive and have the croon effect that Rihanna’s “Needed Me” perfected. This is a big song and a big moment for her and if you weren’t already excited for her album then you definitely will be now.


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