SINGLE REVIEW: Calvin Harris feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande – Heatstroke


Calvin Harris is going towards a new and improved sound with his forthcoming fifth studio album where he is ditching the big cliche EDM beat drops and going towards a more sophisticated production attempt. His new single “Heatstroke” carries on the sound that previous tracks “Slide” and “My Way” introduced with their slick and vibey production. Accompanied by an all star line up Young Thug, Pharrel Williams and Ariana Grande all bring their unique vocals and give this song a unique sound. I never thought I would hear all these artists on one song but it happened. My only issue is that it doesn’t sound like a Calvin Harris song and I know he is trying to change and adapt but you wouldn’t pick it to be him if you heard it on the radio. You probably would guess Pharrell Williams had something to do with it but thats about it. It’s a catchy track that grows on you with each listen but it’s not a banger. With an all star line up it’s a bit underwhelming and you did expect it to be anthem with the name Ariana Grande involved.


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