SINGLE REVIEW: Zayn – Still Got Time


It’s no secret that Zayn’s debut album flopped a little. “Pillowtalk” was a bop and a half but the rest of the album just didn’t seem to match. So he’s been back in the studio working on his sophomore release and he has a new song that may get stuck in your head. “Still Got Time” is a rhythmic toned pop/RNB track that delivers a catchy hook and hip shaking beat. It’s nothing ground breaking and isn’t mind blowing but it’s good. Collaborating with Partynextdoor he delivers an average vocal delivery that works for him with decent harmonising but don’t expect any falsetto greatness that he’s know for. The whole world wants another “Pillowtalk” or “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” and it’s just not. But the chorus is good and there is potential that this forthcoming album could bring a confident new Zayn to the front.