SINGLE REVIEW: Tom Jay Williams – Closure


You may be familiar with the name Tom Jay Williams. He an ex Australian Idol finalist, had a cheesy and terrible single called “LOL” in 2009 and then was apart of the band At Sunset for the past 2 years. But since leaving the band he’s gone back to being a solo artist and started working on the next chapter of his career. His re-introduction single “Closure” is a bold electric influenced pop track which will gain comparisons to the likes of Nick Jonas and Zayn Malik and that ain’t a bad thing. He has matured a lot as a artist and it’s visible with this track. He’s no longer a confused artist influenced by the machine and is just focusing on creating good music. His vocals are slick and sees him effortlessly hitting a higher register than we have heard before. I’m very impressed by this song but now the pressure is on because he needs to follow it up with an accompanying strong collection of tracks and a tight live show.

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