SINGLE REVIEW: Iggy Azalea – Mo Bounce


Im not going to lie, I really wanted to hate this song. I wanted to be able to write a sassy article about how her negative attitude she shows online is reflecting in her music but I can’t. A year after the release of the infectious “Team” she has finally released the follow up single “Mo Bounce” which sees her her offering another ridiculously catchy hook. This EDM rap song sees her going back to her mixtape roots with strong production and slightly annoying but entertaining lyrics. After all she does say “Bounce” 133 times and this is the second single she’s released about bouncing (refer to her 2014 track “Bounce”). Was this song needed, no. But do we want it, yes. The chorus will be stuck in your head instantaneously while the verses will have you hooked with her unique and recognisable rap delivery. This is undeniably her best single since “Black Widow” and will be the beginning of her rebuild of her career. It will be a slow burner on the charts and airplay because of the stigma her name has but soon people will start just focusing on the music and moving forward. It’s fun, euphoric and insanely catchy and it’s great having some good new Iggy music in our lives.


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