MIXTAPE REVIEW: Charli XCX – Number 1 Angel


A common stereotype in the pop world is that these artists don’t have creative control over their own music. And sometimes this statement is 100% true but then you have artists like Charli XCX who are the real deal. We all know that she was an independent artist that went pop to break the mainstream market but that doesn’t mean she “sold out”. She has always had massive creative control, she hosted her own radio show and released an electronic side project with the ridiculously catchy and abstract “Vroom Vroom”. Her third studio album is due to be released later in the year and will be her second full pop record but in the meantime she has another experiment. “Number 1 Angel” is a progressive and experimental collection of tracks that wouldn’t find themselves on a main label authorised album. Thats not commenting on their quality at all because this Mixtape is as catchy and marketable as her last album. The songs sit in this fusion of electronic-pop-RNB and push the boundaries of what her “sound” really is. “3AM (Pull up)” is the most “mainstream” song you will find on this release and could comfortably sit on the charts with its infectious hook. “Roll With Me” is the voguing track you need in your life and sounds like it was born to be the new theme song for Rupauls Drag Race. And you may find yourself strutting down the street to it because I know I did. “Dreamer”, “Blame It On You”, “Drugs” are the RNB tracks that earn their place on this mixtape while “Lipgloss” adds an intense rap from CupcakKe and adds to the flavour of this sound. Charli still knows who to deliver a smooth pop hook though as she gives the most pop and perfect hook on this mixtape with that song. “Emotional” and “ILY2” are the token slow jams that will play with your emotional side and have you feeling all the feels. Actually this whole mixtape is very retable and has been written incredibly well. Except “White Roses” and “Babygirl” fall into the forgettable category and could do with the skip button because they don’t really add anything substantial to this release. However this mixtape impresses with all female collaborations, big hooks, experimental deliveries and honest lyrics. If this was a sample of what was sitting on the cutting room floor after she finished the album then I am VERY excited.


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