ALBUM REVIEW: Zara Larsson – So Good


Zara Larsson is one of the most hyped newcomers in the pop game. Her songs have been hits and a couple have been misses but overall she’s been a strong contender. Her debut album (if we disregard her scandi-only release) is a triumphant collection of tracks that cements her arrival in the pop world. From the empowerful slow jam “What The Say” which perfectly opens the albums she transitions into her impressive and brash hits “Lush Life”, “I Would Like” and “Ain’t My Fault”. She then slows it down with the sexually driven and addictive “So Good” and the emotional “Never Forget You” which still messes me up. But from then on its all new songs and that truly excites me. Because there is nothing worse than receiving a debut album which is 80% tracks we already know or have heard (shout out to Years & Years). “TG4M” and “Only You” transition into each other beautifully and offer two different perspectives of heart break. Her vocals are soothing and deliver this unspoken peace that these songs need to offer. “Sundown” is the tropical island pop track that would fit perfectly on radio while “Don’t Let Me be Yours” offers a funky break down after an emotion verse delivery. These two songs aren’t flawless but they are alright and are good filler. The production on “Make That Money Girl” is a bit messy with the spoken “slay” and “queen” bits repeated during the verses making this song a bit underwhelming even though it has empowering lyrics. “One Mississippi”, “Funeral” and “I Cant Fall In Love Without You” are the big break up songs that you need on this album. It’s her big pop moment that will help her make an impact with this record. We all go through break ups and heart break and I know that this album has already been on my go to list during my recent break up. She closes the album with the new Clean Bandit collaboration “Symphony” and it has me convinced that it is the best song on the album. The euphoric beat, lyrics and hook had me wanting to get lost in it and just run around dancing and that is the exact emotion you want to feel at the end of a 15 track pop record. It had the potential to be a bit too long but with only one song that Im unsure about I would call it an incredible success. However it’s not an album you will always listen to from start to finish but it has perfect songs that will capture your emotions and feelings in a moment in time.


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