SINGLE REVIEW: Steps – Scared Of The Dark

“5,6,7,8” will never not be a great pop song. Okay, it may be the cheesiest song in our existence but it’s brilliant and Steps whole discography could be perfectly described like that. Following the trend of all the Brit 90’s and early 00’s acts making comebacks Steps are one of the first to make a massive comeback with a new single. “Scared Of The Dark” is a disco infused pop track that will take you back in time to a time where you LIVED for these disco ballads. Their vocals have strengthened over time and as a group they are providing smother harmonies. So was the early 2000’s really their peak or have they not even reached it yet? This song incorporates all your favourite elements with cheesy lyrics and a big hook that ignites the dancefloor. It’s an epic love song that we currently need in the world and the gays have already dubbed it as a gay anthem “Don’t let the the darkness come and hold me. I need someone cause I can’t be lonely tonight. Come on baby come and take me in your arms, I’ll never be scared of the dark”. It grows on you with every listen and you will find yourself questioning why we don’t have more pop-disco tracks in our life and where Atomic Kittens new original songs are. It may not be as catchy or iconic as their biggest hits but it does smoothly fit in between them.


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