SINGLE REVIEW: Lorde – Liability

We have been deprived of new Lorde music for a long time now and with her sophomore studio album in our sights she isn’t playing around. “Green Light” is already receiving strong radio play and praise for its experimental sound. However there is always going to be those couple of people who complain that she is “selling out”. To shut them up Lorde has released a promotional single which sees her returning to her roots. “Liability” is a stripped back piano ballad that is intimate, basic and beautiful. It captures everything you originally fell in love with her for. Her vocals are intriguing, the lyrics are honest and heartbreaking and the song is just captivating. In retrospect it’s very different to the lead single musically and provides a contrast of this dark emotion that both songs contain. Just because “Green Light” has a big pop chorus doesn’t mean it’s a happy song and it’s nice to see that Lorde can still write a basic reflective sad song without all the bells and whistles.


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