K.FLAY is a name that has been rolling off my tongue for a couple of years now. She immediately impressed me the moment I heard “So Fast So Maybe” and with every release since she constantly evolves and matures as an artist. In April she will be finally releasing her sophomore studio album “Every Where Is Some Where” which comes after the massive success of her EP “Crush Me”. And she’s just dropped a new single that see’s her returning to her roots and giving you a fusion of indie-rock with her MC vocal delivery. “High Enough” is a song that delivers a sound that long term fans have been waiting to hear again for a little while. Her lyrics are insanely good and gives you honest truths and quotable lines that will start popping up on your social media newsfeeds. “I used to like liquor to get me inspired but you look so beautiful, my new supplier. I used to like smoking to stop all the thinking but I found a different buzz”. It still holds onto the gritty guitars that last single “Black Wave” and “Blood In The Cut” were built around and is a great continuation of that sound. After one listen you will addicted, obsessed and needing to press replay again. It’s a massive tune. That is all.



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