ALBUM REVIEW: JSutta – I Say Yes


You may know the name Jessica Sutta because she was a member of The Pussycat Dolls but she’s ready to break away the chains and step into the spotlight with her debut solo album. She now goes by the stage-name JSutta and while this electronic pop project has been a long time in the making it doesn’t disappoint one bit. “I Say Yes” is an impressive collection of up-beat and club ready tracks that give you big euphoric moments as well as a couple of intimate emotional ones. Opening with “Reign” you are instantly met with a dreamy dance beat which softens to allow her vocals to take centre stage. “Distortion” quickly adds a more electronic influence into her music with distorted vocals and a ridiculously catchy chorus that will get stuck in your head. She continues this sound with “Forever” and the heavily pop influenced “Universe” and “When A Girl Loves A Boy” which introduces a pure euphoria to her sound. “Feel Like Making Love” is the albums first slower RNB injected pop moment and one of my instant favourites. It shows a sexier side to her vocal delivery and adds a more mature feel to the album. “Willing To Beg”, “Inches Away”, “Shame” and “Pushed Me” are similar in delivery and explode in the choruses with big dance breakdowns that will have you LIVING and begging for huge choreography moments in her live show. “Feel Nothing” has one of the strongest production moments on the record and also has the strongest collaboration with Hopsin adding a perfectly flavoured verse. “Can’t Take No More” was another personal favourite with a production direction that drew comparisons to Ariana Grande in the hook and should definitely be a contender as a single. “I Say Yes” is a deep house ballad that shows yet another diversity and dimension to her music. I wish there were more moments like this on the album because the harmonising between her and Rico Love was something special. Throughout this whole record there are a lot of experimentations with the sound direction and her vocal delivery but there is one massive consistency and that was the lyrics. Each song told a relatable story about life, relationships and falling in love while building this euphoric feel to every song. She also knows how to write a killer catchy hook with every song managing to get stuck in my head.

As an independent artist sometimes it’s hard to execute the delivery you want without a massive budget but “I Say Yes” is the perfect example of a labour of love, self belief and real talent. This is a record for pop lovers that you really shouldn’t sleep on.


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  1. Get it Jessica! It definitely can be tough as an Independent artist but she definitely delivered and came in strong with the party tracks. Good on her for putting in the werrrrk!

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