LIVE REVIEW: Adele – The Gabba


Will I ever get over seeing Adele live? That was the question I asked myself while walking out of the Gabba on Saturday night. I think it’s a known fact that Adele is one of the most incredible live performers of our time. So it probably comes by no surprise that I am exclaiming how amazing she was. But you really don’t know just HOW breathtaking until you witness her 2 hour live show. She had everyone’s attention from the opening bars of “Hello” when the big screen raised to reveal the songstress in the centre of the stage in a beautiful long gown. Greeting the crowd with excitement, visible nerves and multiple expletives she launched into an 18 track set list of the hits and fan favorites from her three studio albums. Early highlights included “Rumour Has It”, “Water Under The Bridge” and “I Miss You” where she stood on an elevated platform before walking down onto the circular catwalk to get up close and personal with fans. During “Skyfall” she was joined onstage by an all male choir which added a unique dimension to the show but was a bit anti climatic in its delivery.

If you have been to an Adele show in the past I think you will quickly agree with me that one of the best things about her show is her audience interaction. Her comedic banter not only left me in stitches but left me half disappointed when she went straight into a song without a brief little chat. She discussed the controversial public transport situation getting to the venue, meeting Koalas and Crocodiles, stalking Alison Krause to the bathroom and about how she never wanted to play Stadiums. She then took a selfie with a fan, revealed a seat number where she left a personal letter and signed photo and grabbed a t-shirt gun and launched some signed t-shirts with $20 attached into the crowd. It was these little moments that made the sold out 60,000 person stadium feel like a more intimate arena styled show. Production wise the stadium was inundated with balloons early on before a confetti drop during “Sweetest Devotion”, a fireworks display in “Set Fire To The Rain”, a kiss cam interlude while she had a costume change before the encore and a final confetti drop during “Rolling In The Deep”. But amongst this production the one thing that stood out the whole show is her jaw dropping vocals. There’s no lip synching or auto tune in this perfect delivery that I couldn’t fault even if I tried. Closing the show with the career changing “Someone Like You” the stadium sung in unison for the biggest singalong of the night. It was a magical finish to an unforgettable show that had this reviewer in awe and with constant goosebumps.


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  1. I went to see Adele on Sunday with my wife and what a concert, from a woman who is at the peak of her powers. Not only does she have perfect voice delivery, but has humility and self effacing humour in spades. I felt privileged to witness the event, as I am sure the other 59,999 other concert goers did to.

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