SINGLE REVIEW: Lorde – Green Light


This is probably THE comeback of 2017. There is no denying how massive Lorde’s debut album “Pure Heroine” was but I have a feeling that is going to be nothing compared to how big her sophomore release “Melodrama” is going to be. Social Media went into absolute overdrive yesterday morning when she unleashed the lead single “Green Light” making anyone that second guessed her potential to write an absolute follow up banger look completely stupid. The tracks structure is very unusual and pushes the boundaries on what you would usually hear on mainstream radio. This makes me very excited because she’s paving the way for more alternative influenced pop to get the recognition they deserve. The song begins dark and mysterious while her instantly recognisable vocals are spotlighted with minimalistic piano accompanying them. And then the bridge completely shifts gear with a bright piano and bass delivery that has you blindsighted. But just when you think it couldn’t get bolder the chorus explodes in this euphoric moment which will have you wanting to run down the street fisting the air and twirling around. (Please note; not a great idea to do late at night, Police will pull over to question you…. This may have been told from personal experience last night). From the first listen you will be intrigued and by the second and third you will be obsessed and finding it hard to listen to anything else. Lorde not only has cemented herself has one of the biggest comebacks of 2017 but she has also just delivered one of the biggest songs of the year. Thank you Lorde.



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