SINGLE REVIEW: Betty Who – You Can Cry Tomorrow


Betty Who’s sophomore album “The Valley” will be unleashed at the end of the month and for some reason people are already sleeping on it. To attempt to pick up the hype she has released a new promo single and this one is MASSIVE. “You Can Cry Tomorrow” is  glittery, dreamy, synth filled and is honestly just everything you could want or need out from a Betty Who song. It takes me back to the euphoric feeling I got when I heard “High Society” from her debut EP for the first time (which still remains as one of my favourite songs). This track is super polished but manages to hold onto a genuine warmth that recently a lot of pop songs are missing. It looks at encouraging a friend to forget their heartbreak and enjoy themselves even for just one night. “I know, it’s been hard to fight, the worst part. So dance with me tonight baby, you can cry tomorrow”. Her vocals are dreamy and powerful and the chorus explodes euphoric and carefree vibes that will have you dancing instantly. It is a relatable pop track that belongs on your playlist and purely just deserves your attention.


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