SINGLE REVIEW: Zedd feat. Alessia Cara – Stay


Zedd is an artist who quite often plays it safe. His production in the pop world is predictable to put it politely and I always find myself wanting a bit more. But it’s come the day that he’s proven me wrong. “Stay” is his brave new collaboration with fiery newcomer Alessia Cara and it’s a total BANGER. The production starts off basic with buzzing harmonies that turn into finger clicking and percussion synths before the incorporation of synthesiser and a ticking clock to launch a big chorus. The hook breakdown isn’t your cliché break down that The Chainsmokers use for every track and offers a breath of fresh air to the pop edm world. Alessia’s usual laid back approach is reinvented with this track and showcases the popstar she has the potential to become. Her vocals aren’t compromised the way they could have been and still allows for a powerhouse delivery. Everything about this song is catchy, memorable and will have you needing to press replay instantly.


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