SINGLE REVIEW: Meghan Trainor – I’m A Lady


So we all know that I’m not the biggest Meghan Trainor supporter but I will always give praise where it is deserved (please refer to my reviews of “No” and “Me Too”). But I can’t help but think her new single for The Smurfs 3 soundtrack is an interesting career move, and that’s no shade. She seemed to start her career as this gimmicky “self love” popstar for pre teens and then with her sophomore album she tried to break that mould and go towards a bolder sound and image. But now she’s gone backwards and doing a gimmicky song for a children’s movie? Anyways, “I’m A Lady” is an annoying pop track like you would expect for a Smurfs movie and sees her somehow fusing her two sounds together. Vocally she is still a powerhouse vocalist and I don’t think I could ever truly criticise her on that. Lyrically it’s a song we kind of need in the world right now. It’s a self loving, female empowerment anthem that America needs to embrace. But for the rest of the world we aren’t as fucked up and could probably safely skip this track.



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