SINGLE REVIEW: Vera Blue – Private


Vera Blue is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in Australia’s indie-pop scene and for good reason. Her debut EP impressed with diversity and defining vocals that saw her playing festivals and headlining shows across the country throughout the whole of 2016. Her new single “Private” sees her going towards a bolder and bigger sound with the addition of explosive synths and tighter hooks. It’s a sound that will improve her live show and see her playing bigger shows not just in Australia but internationally as well. The aggressive sounding song looks at the fantasy of wanting someone you know you cant have. So it’s instantly a relatable song because let’s be honest, we have all been there. “What’s wrong in reality feels so right in my fantasy. I just wanna make you feel right”. With the electronic addition I half expected her vocals to be some what compromised but they weren’t. She still serves an incredible vocal delivery of soaring high notes that made her debut EP so impressive. At only 2:30 long this is way too short and prematurely stops after building up all this emotion and power. Its a song I just want to experience live and see how this different sound for her unfolds in front of a crowd because something tells me it’s going to be something quite special.

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