SINGLE REVIEW: Nelly Furtado – Flatline


Did you know that Nelly Furtado made a comeback last year? Probably not. Except if you followed her on Instagram when she annoyingly re did her whole feed with cryptic black and white grids. On top of releasing some covers she released a couple of songs to introduce her experimental new sound. “Behind Your Back” was the strongest song in her new repertoire where she experimented with a full band RNB sound. It was intimate, honest, ambitious and not the polished pop you’re used to from her. In March she will be releasing her sixth studio album “The Ride” and she’s just premiered a new single that should get you really excited. “Flatline” continues this new sound with dark pulsating synths, big drums and a groovy baseline. The chorus explodes with her big vocals and a catchy hook that after one listen will have you pushing the replay button. The song looks at being heartbroken and feeling like you’ve lost yourself and need to be resuscitated. “I don’t feel nothing at all. Come on, resuscitate me, why don’t you come and save me?”. This sound is so different and new for her but it works so well. It’s an organic direction that a lot of artists are able to go towards now without being influenced by a major label. It’s mature, reflective and shows a whole new versatility to the pop star you used to know.


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