SINGLE REVIEW: Ed Sheeran – How Would You Feel (Paean)


Ed Sheeran is preparing for a massive 2017 with the release of his third studio album “Divide” and with two massive singles already comfortably sitting at the top of the charts it’s safe to say things aren’t going to slow down anytime soon for him. “How Would You Feel (Paean)” sees him stripping down the production compared to it’s predecessors and giving you classic Ed Sheeran with a hint of influence from John Mayer. Now in my unpopular opinion this song lacks the spark his previous ballads have had and honestly sounds a bit monotonous. As always the lyrics are beautifully heartfelt and describe this perfect love story which vividly unfolds in front of you. But when the harmony meets the melody and the lyrics it just doesn’t give you that unforgettable moment that you need. You automatically start comparing it to “Thinking Of You” and “Give Me Love” and it just doesn’t compare. Everyone is exclaiming how amazing is it but really you’re just over compensating and simple excited for the fact that it’s new music from him. Cue to next week when the album comes out and everyone forgets about this song and moves onto obsessing over another track on the album. I’m going to go back to listening to “Shape Of You” now.


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