SINGLE REVIEW: Cashmere Cat feat. Camila Cabello – Love Incredible


Everyone is talking about the Kygo and Selena Gomez collaboration this week and while it’s infectiously catchy the song just recycles all these musical ideas we are already hearing on the radio and in clubs. The song they should really be talking about is Cashmere Cat and Camila Capello’s epic “Love Incredible”. The rhythmic pop/edm track gives you soulful vocals, honest lyrics and plays with softs synths that lead into a bass heavy hook helping show a seductive side to Capello’s vocals. And one thing that surprised me with this song was that her vocals didn’t annoy me one bit where as usually she over sings and irritates with her Mariah esq attempts. But in this song she finds her niche and comfortable sits in experimenting with the appropriate range. The production is bold and doesn’t sound like anything else on the charts at the moment which is a breath of fresh air. Towards the end of the track the vocals are distorted in a Daft Punk inspired outro which is very unexpected but works perfectly in making the song memorable from start to finish. The only criticism I have with this song is that it’s no long enough with a duration of only 2:59 i want another chorus or verse please.


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