SINGLE REVIEW: Anne-Marie – Ciao Adios


There’s no denying that “Alarm” was a true banger and a half and it really catapulted Anne Marie’s career to new heights. She’s a name that people are getting aquatinted with and a voice that they are getting familiar with. “Ciao Adios” is the new offering from this songstress and truly has the potential to be just as big with it’s infectious island pop beat that says goodbye to a cheating lover. “I’m onto you, yeah you. I’m not your number one. I saw you, with her, kissing and having fun. If you’re giving all of your money and time I’m not gonna sit here wasting mine on you. Ciao adios, I’m done”. It’s sassy, playful and sees her serving serious attitude that compliments the upbeat production. it’s a song that does grow on you after a couple of listens and is one that truly belongs on radio and in clubs. Her vocals are instantly recognisable with the wide range of vocals riffs that go from seductively low to belting high and create the perfect road trip singalong. So if you have a cheating ex that you gotta say goodbye to then get ready to say Ciao Adios.


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