EP REVIEW: Asta – Shine


Well all need some euphoric pop in our life and Asta is here to deliver that to you. Her disco infected electronic pop is a fusion that is missing from mainstream radio and perfectly captures her carefree spirit that comes to life onstage. Her EP “Shine” is a strong collection of 5 tracks that have been in her live set for a little while now and it’s great to finally hear studio versions of them. The production is immaculate and delivers polished banger after banger and proves that she knows how to write catchy hooks. Opener “Doin’ What You Want” is a groovy track that deserves to be on continuous heavy rotation. The baseline is infectious and will have you immediately dancing and singing along to the “ooooohhh’s” in the chorus. “Saturday Night” injects a slow burning pop track with oozing synths that makes the chorus unforgettably catchy. It will quickly become your favourite track on the EP and for good reason. Lead single “Shine” is a groovy self reflecting track that looks at growing up and being able to get yourself up when you’re down. It’s an anthem that the world needs right now and its euphoric vibe doesn’t fail to make me smile every time I hear it. “Not Your Girl” is the closest you will get to a ballad on this release and this mid tempo pop track sees Asta showcasing her unique and strong vocals. The production sounds like a late 90’s track that I really do miss in music. EP closer “Art Of Escape” has been a fan favourite in her live set for a long time and that comes down to the euphoric vibe this track cements. Again it’s almost a tribute to the late 90’s and early 2000’s music with it production in the chorus that just explodes and you end up imagining yourself playing Singstar to it and having a boogie. But what I personally love about this track is how the production changes and evolves with pulsating synths turning into banging drums and a funky guitar riff before the chorus explodes with nostalgia. If you haven’t acquainted yourself with Asta’s music yet then this EP is the perfect introduction. Her vocals are unique, the lyrics are honest and your brain will slightly get confused because every single chorus will try to get stuck in your head.


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