ALBUM REVIEW: Bebe Rexha – All Your Fault Part 1


The pop game has some strong contenders vying for your attention but one of the most exciting ones is Bebe Rexha. Her name may sound quite familiar and it should because she’s featured on multiple chart topping singles as well as written some of your favourite tracks by the likes of Eminem and Rihanna, David Guetta and G-Eazy. Over the last year her original music has been gaining a lot traction and her debut album is finally ready to be heard. Well the first half of it anyway. “All Your Fault Part 1” is a rhythmic collection of pop/RNB tracks that showcases her incredible talent to write a killer hook, give you pure emotion and sass while providing powerhouse vocals. It is a strange concept to only release half the album while holding off to release the other half 2 months later but I guess it works in creating the buzz. Album opener “Atmosphere” is a slow burning RNB track that introduces her soulful vocals with a gritty beat stamping her unique “Bebe Flavour”. Lead single “I Got You” is no doubt the strongest track on the collection with one of the biggest hooks of right now that will immediately get stuck in your head and having you grooving along. “Small Doses” and “Gateway Drug” are mid tempo RNB songs that give hard beats and honest lyrics that will have any damaged heart relating. But then she delivers future anthem “F.F.F” feat. G-Eazy that quickly cements her future impact on the charts and social media while already becoming the most quoted track from the album. It has the sass, attitude and pure grit that “No Broken Hearts” captured but just without autotune which is a major plus. “Bad Bitch” feat. TY Dolla $ign continues this sound but with a less effective and memorable result but does eventually grow on you. This album shows the songstress finding her sound and making you very much aware that she isn’t gong anywhere anytime soon because she is here to stay. If this is only part 1 then bring on part 2 please because I need more emotional bangers like this in my life.



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