SINGLE REVIEW: Maroon 5 feat. Future – Cold


Maroon 5 are becoming less and less a band and more the Adam Levine project. Their new single “Cold” features yet another rapper and further implements synths into their sound with less guitars and drums. It’s coming to the point where i’m questioning if the other members will actually have anything to do on their next tour because they could just budget cut and bring a DJ on the road and have the same effect. Okay so if we put the shade aside for a moment this song is actually A LOT better than their last horrendous pop single “Don’t Wanna Know”. Levine’s vocals are on fire with a bit of soothing falsetto during the last chorus which honestly had me swooning a tiny bit. The hook is infectiously catchy and the rhythmic production will have you wanting to groove immediately. The song looks at Levine and Future addressing past lovers who turned on them. “How did you get so cold, enough to chill my bones. Feels like I don’t know you anymore”. The annoying thing about this track is that it’s so catchy that you can’t help but love it even though you want to hate it and protest that you get old Maroon 5 back. *Guiltily adds to my playlist*