I love good pop music and I love a good debut and LA trio MUNA have perfectly delivered both of those things. However “About U” isn’t your normal indie-pop debut album. It’s a collection of 12 queer themed songs that document the success, growths and struggles of three queer women navigating life. It’s a topic that is usually hidden in music but MUNA are bold with their lyrics and stories and don’t shy away from the truth. Their sound is euphoric and meaningful indie-pop, gaining comparisons to the likes of HAIM and Shura with their strong harmonies and fulfilled sound. Album opener “So Special” is the perfect introduction to their sound and lead singer Katie Gavin’s captivating and unique vocal delivery. The boppy synth-pop sound cemented in this track helps make the big pop moments like “I Know A Place”, “Promise” and “Crying On The Bathroom Floor” automatically become favourites. However then you get to “Loudspeaker” which is not just a song, it’s an anthem. “So if I feel real good tonight I’m gonna put it high on the loudspeaker. And if I feel like crying, I won’t hide it. I am a loudspeaker”. The song looks at loving yourself, being your true authentic self and not being afraid of voicing your opinion. And for a time where there are a lot of uncertainties in America with equality and rights it’s so important that this meaningful pop is in our life. “Winterbreak”, “After” and “If You Love Me Now” offer a more dreamy synth sound that is less boppy and have dark riffs that will have you swaying. These are the more emotional tinged tracks on the album where you will have all the feels. Whilst “Around U” and “End Of Desire” have strong guitar presence making the riffs stand out from the others it’s the song “Everything” that pulls together all the emotions and vibes from the record with one incredible album closer. “Outro” is a bit anti-climatic and sits strangely on the end of the record with a more The 1975 influenced production that really felt out of place. Otherwise this was one of the strongest debut album’s I have heard in a long time. Their sound is so strong and as a collective they showcased all their strengths along with their vulnerabilities and opened up so purely. This album will no doubt be sitting somewhere comfortably in my end of year countdown so I encourage you to have a listen and discover why.

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