SINGLE REVIEW: William Singe – Rush


It’s been a long time coming but William Singe has finally released his debut single after his crazy talented RNB covers went viral and allowed him to tour the globe. “Rush” is a dark RNB track that cites influences from The Weeknd and sees him experimenting with different vocal and production elements. However can we really call this a full “original” track?. The hook samples Jennifer Pages “Crush”, using the same melody and only rewriting some of the lyrics. It’s a tiny bit anti-climatic and leaves me really wanting to hear something that is 100% original. Cause we know that he can re-write covers and mash them up into awesome “original” covers but that concept is getting a bit old. it’s time to move onto the next step of his career definitely with a mostly sold out 42 date American tour about to kick off next week. With that element aside “Rush” impresses, grows on you with every listen and is safe to say isn’t what you were totally expecting from this release. He has the potential, the determination, the voice and the pure talent to be the next big RNB artist but the ball is in his court now.

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