SINGLE REVIEW: Betty Who – Some Kinda Wonderful


Betty Who’s debut album was a versatile collection of dreamy synth pop that impressed with its honest lyrics and production. For her forthcoming sophomore studio album “The Valley” she’s aiming more ambitious. Lead single “Human Touch” was a big tropical pop track that instantly got stuck in your head and for her new single she’s getting more euphoric, gimmicky and fun. “Some Kinda Wonderful” is one of those lame pop tracks that would’ve perfectly fitted in the 2006 pop market. And when I say lame I’m not necessarily meaning it as an insult. “We will always be some kinda wonderful”. The production on this track gives me insane Mika vibes with the hand claps, call and response structure and the audio grabs. It’s so DIY and while you’re listening to it you may think that this is insanely cliche but it just works. With each listen it will grow on you and you will quickly start singing along to these ridiculous verse breakdowns. It isn’t Betty Who’s strongest track to date but it’s fun and at a time where America is looking and feeling a bit dull we need a bit of this bright energy in our lives.

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