EP REVIEW: Chase Atlantic – Part One


With an ever growing fanbase and an evolving sound Chase Atlantic are one of Australia’s hottest must watch exports. Now based in Los Angeles this trio have been working on their debut album which is due to be released later in the year and they’ve just dropped “Part One” from it.  When trying to describe their sound the best way for me to begin is to say if The 1975 had a love child with The Weeknd then somewhere in the spectrum you would receive this EP. Opening with “Right Here” it is quickly apparent that they have gone towards an edgier, darker and more explosive sound. Cave’s vocals slightly croon through the verses and soar during the hook with impressive high notes. “Into It” immediately became my favourite track with it’s seductive vocal delivery and fiery hook. “But I’m into it, I’m into it. Say she wanna fuck me later, girl I’m into it”. It’s a lot more sexual and confronting than anything they have ever done before and definitely screams similarities to The Weeknd. But EP closer “Church” is the biggest track on this collection. The production is insanely good and with it co-written by Lil-Aaron it has a little extra star power behind it. The guitar and synths are grittier and their alt-pop has a good amount of grungey goodness injected. Overall this EP is an impressive introduction to the world stage and to what their debut album will sound like.



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